Trinity College Spain – 2020, Webinars teaching online

TESOL-SPAIN 2020 Salamanca, Intelligi… Sorry, what did you say?

APAC Barcelona, January 2020, So just how global is your English?

Trinity College Spain – 2020, Best Practice workshops

ACEIA Sevilla, November 2019 – From being intelligible to being you. (for Trinity College London)

III Congreso Otoño ACLID, Valladolid – November 2019. Imaging pronunciation. From Sight to Sound. (for Oxford University Press España).

Centros de Profesores Andalucía – November 2019. Trinity College Portfolio Toolkit

4th English for Healthcare – October 2019, ELF pronunciation for healthcare workers

EOI Tenerife – Sept 2019, C1/C2 immersion Course (for Oxford University Press España)

Xunta de Galicia, Xornadas de Linguas Estranxeiras – May 2019, Making Projects Work in CLIL

Xunta de Galicia, Xornadas de Linguas Estranxeiras – May 2019, Make No Mistake

Trinity College Spain – 2019, GESE/ISE strategies and resources

APAC – January 2019, Imaging Pronunciation

Junta Comunidades Castilla-La Mancha – 2018 Getting going with CLIL

Junta Comunidades Castilla-La Mancha – 2018 The pronunciation of English for the Primary Classroom

ACEICOVA Valencia – November 2018,Making Projects Work

ACLID Valladolid – October 2018, They Don’t Do Scottish Accents

IH BCN ELT Conference – February 10th, 2018, ID2EAS for teaching pronunciation


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