Recent work

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, June 2021. Teaching through EMI.

Universidad de Nebrija, November 2020, They don’t do Scottish Accents

IATEFL PronSIG Webinar, June 2020, Intelligi… Sorry, what did you say?

Trinity College Spain – 2020, Webinars teaching online

TESOL-SPAIN 2020 Salamanca, Intelligi… Sorry, what did you say?

APAC Barcelona, January 2020, So just how global is your English?

Trinity College Spain – 2020, Best Practice workshops

ACEIA Sevilla, November 2019 – From being intelligible to being you. (for Trinity College London)

Selected presentations

Intelligibility…. Sorry, what did you say? Pronunciation teaching for today.

Pronunciation Matters. Pronunciation – all ages.

They don’t do Scottish accents. Pronunciation – dealing with accent variation.

(M)other-tongue tied. Using the learner’s L1 phonology.

IDEAS for teaching pronunciation. (Imitation, Demonstration, Explanation, Association, Stimulation)

Going for a Song. Pronunciation practice for free.

Pronunciation 14s. Pronunciation – teenagers.

Sounds Fun! Pronunciation – Young learners.

Telling Tales. Pronunciation – Young learners.

Selected articles 

Independent listening (MET 29/2, April 2020)

Did you hear what I said? (MET 29/1, January 2020)

From being intelligible to being ourselves. pronunciation for today. (MET 28/3, July 2019)

IDEAS for teaching pronunciation (MET 27/1, January 2018)

The globalization of English: accent, accommodation and intelligibility in ELF. (MET 26/4, October 2017)

The globalization of English: accent, attitude and identity. (MET 26/1, January 2017)

The globalization of English: vocabulary. (MET 25/3, July 2016)

The globalization of English: teaching the pronunciation of ELF. (MET 24/4, October 2015)

The globalization of English: implications for the language classroom. (MET 24/2, April 2015)

Technology for pronunciation. (ETp 95, November 2014)

Accentuate the positive. (ETp 94, September 2014)

Sounds Tricky (ETp 93, July 2014)

Sounds Fun! (ETp 92, May 2014)

Horses for Courses. (ETp 91, March 2014)

Pronunciation Matters. (ETp 90, January 2014)

Going for a Song. Pronunciation practice for free. (ETp 43, March 2006)

Pronunciation for International Intelligibility. (ETp 21, October 2001)

Using recordings for pronunciation (TESOL Quarterly 39/3, September 2005)