Coaching – training tailored to your needs

As a busy professional you don’t have time for a full course in English, and existing courses don’t respond to your needs. EGC Coaching gives you the course you need, when you need it, where you want it.

Only a few weeks away from a key presentation? I’ll prepare you for it with the materials that you’ll be presenting at the conference.

Preparing for an vital meeting or product launch? I’ll make sure that what you have to offer is seen in the very best light.


Presenting in Macau, China

English language skills, gesture, body language, eye contact, voice projection, speed and pace, audiovisuals, Powerpoint, interacting with your slides, interacting with the public, dealing with questions – presenting is a complex skill that needs expert help.
As a skilled presenter with over 30 years experience in conferences and workshops all over the world, I  bring my wide experience to bare on all my coaching for presentations.

Coaching – intensive, focused presentation skills practice responding to your needs in your time.