Testimonials, feedback & cv

This is a sample of what colleagues, organizers and participants have said about my work since I went freelance in 2007. You can take a look at a short CV here.


Scott Thornbury, ELT author & consultant, MA TESOL, The New School, NY.

 ‪I have attended talks by Robin Walker on several occasions over a number of years – the last being at the IATEFL conference in Manchester in 2014 – and I’m always profoundly impressed by his scholarship, originality, and presentation skills. He makes even the most abstruse subjects incredibly entertaining and accessible. He is quite simply one of the best speakers on the circuit, and I always learn from him.

Mike Riley, Teacher Engagement Manager at Macmillan Education.

‪I had the pleasure of working with Robin in my role as organiser of the International House Milan annual education conference. Whilst trying to decide a theme for our 2014 event, I attended several workshops offered by Robin. Based on the impact those workshops had, we invited him to our event and decided on pronunciation as the theme. Robin’s presentation at the Milan conference was insightful and thought-provoking and delivered with passion and conviction. He kept the audience engaged and energised throughout. The feedback from the teachers in attendance was overwhelmingly positive. Robin was friendly and great fun to work with.

Christina Caughlan‪, Senior Marketing Executive at Oxford University Press.

‪Here at Oxford University Press in Italy, we have had the privilege of working with Robin on various occasions, and it is with unqualified enthusiasm that I can recommend him both as a speaker and as a teacher trainer. He served as our keynote speaker during the Oxford National Conference cycle in 2013 — a tour de force in which he addressed audiences ranging from 500 to 800 secondary school teachers and university professors. Feedback from the conference questionnaires was very positive: of particular note, Robin’s effective and engaging delivery style, as well as solid pedagogy and practical classroom ideas. He left the teachers feeling motivated and keen to learn more. Behind the scenes, Robin was great company and a delight to work with. We look forward to having Robin back with us for another major conference cycle in Italy soon, and we know our teachers will be thrilled when they see Robin’s name on the programme.

David Burton, ‪Senior Marketing Manager: Strategy & Planning, Oxford University Press ELT Marketing.

‪Robin has just toured Italy for OUP delivering his “Working with Words” seminar. It was a resounding success and everywhere he went his professionalism and delivery were greatly appreciated. It isn’t easy to deliver a seminar on this type of topic, but Robin does so with ease, making the words come to life and maintaining his audience’s interest right to the end. Robin is a pleasure to work with.

Robert McLarty, ‪Educational consultant at McLarty Languages Ltd.

‪Robin was commissioned for a three level series on English for Tourism. He brought to the project a huge amount of experience, a willingness to collaborate and the creative ability to deliver all three levels in good shape and on time. Those three titles are now selling very well all over the world

Feedback & evaluations

2016 Trinity College (Workshops – methodology reading skills & learner error)
2016 Oxford University Press (Webinar – pronunciation)
2016 Comunidad de Madrid (Summer course – language competence for CLIL teachers)
2016 Comunidad de Madrid (Short course – CLIL methodology for secondary & vocational training)
2015 Oxford University Press Polska (Workshop – listening skills)
2015 La Salle Schools Spain (Summer course – langauge immersion & methodology)
2015 Moscow Higher School of Economics (Short course – Oral skills and English as a lingua franca)
2014 Oxford University Press Espana (Workshops – pronunciation)
2014 La Salle Schools Spain (Summer course – langauge immersion & culture update)
2013 Macmillan Polska (Summer course – ELT methodology for secondary)
2012 Oxford University Press Espana (Workshop – Pronunciation Matters!)
2011 Oxford University Press Polska (Workshop – ESP methodology)
2011 Oxford University Press Espana (Workshops – methodology)
2011 Oxford University Press-webinar (Webinar – English as a lingua franca)
2009 Oxford University Press Espana (Workshops – methodology)
2009 Macmillan Polska (Workshop – speaking skills)
2008 Voronezh State University (Russia) (Workshops – ESP methodology)
2008 Oxford University Press (Rostov) (Workshops – ESP)
2007 Oxford University Press (Tumen) (Workshops – ESP)
2007 Aviles Teachers Centre (Course – pronunciation for primary)