Rates for revision & translation of texts

Description: revision of the syntax and spelling of manuscripts and other texts written in English. Guidance with issues of style and cohesion. Revision of cover letters for manuscripts being submitted for publication.

Price: 0.04€/word + 21% VAT
Minimum charge: 50€ + 21% VAT

Description: Translation from Spanish to English of academic papers, particularly in the fields of science, engineering, business, law, economics, and tourism.

Price: 0.12€/word
Minimum charge: 40€
(There is currently no VAT on the translation of scientific texts in Spain.)

º Please send text as Word docs.
º Send tables, graphs and illustrations as separate documents.

º Texts need to be with me a minimum of 5 working days before the date you want them back.
º There is a surcharge of 20% on texts that you need back urgently.