The Culture(s) of English

Language through Literature
For the majority of  students the word ‘literature’ conjures up the idea of struggling with the classics. Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen ­– pages and pages of impenetrable genius. But literature needn’t mean this, and this session looks at activities that help us to introduce  students to English literature, whilst at the same time providing them with opportunities for meaningful language skills practice.

English in the Antipodes
Why was Cook annoyed when he discovered New Zealand? Why are the Maoris angry about Cook’s discovery? Why were Cook’s sailors unhappy when he discovered Australia? And why are Australians so anti-establishment? You don’t know? Then ‘come down under, mate’ and see what life is like living upside down.

So What’s so Great about Britain?
Big Ben, bowler hats, Brighton pier and tea for two. Great Britain in a nutshell. Or is it? In fact, is it perhaps time to drop the Great so as to be able to get a better view of the Britain? Or is it time to get a better view of Britain in order to see why it should still be called Great? Come with me for a unique tour of the country I’ve spent half my life looking at from inside, and the other half pondering over from the outside.