Recent pronunciation articles

Over the past the past year I’ve put together a series of six articles for on pronunciation English Teaching professional, one of the world’s leading teacher’s magazines. The articles are relatively short. but cover a range of topics:

Pronunciation Matters. ETp 90, January 2014. A look at the way that poor pronunciation impacts on every other aspect of learning English.

Horses for Courses. ETp 91, March 2014. Learners’ goals determine priorities and models for pronunciation teaching. Three goals are examined in detail here.

Sounds Fun! ETp 92, May 2104. Young learners seem to have a special gift when it comes to pronunciation. Teachers need to engage this. But how? And if you’re not a native speaker … ?

Sounds Tricky. ETp 93, July 2014. Teenagers can be tough to teach and pronunciation can easily become a no-go area. But with the right approach it needn’t be that way.

Accentuate the Positive. ETp 94, September 2014. The learner’s mother tongue is usually seen as the culprit for most pronunciation problems. But the mother tongue can be a vital resource.

Technology for Pronunciation. ETp 95, November 2014. Technology is meant to help, but is this true for pronunciation. A look at what is out there and if it works or not.

The first four articles are now out in ETp, but if you can’t access them in their full published form, they can be downloaded in their EGC guise here.

PS. If you cite anything from any of these articles, please use their corresponding ETp citation, and not that of this website.

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