IH Milan Annual Conference 2014

Congratulations to IH Milan, and especially to Richard Twigg and Mike Riley, for organizing their 7th Annual Conference around the theme of pronunciation. As I never tire of saying to teachers, pronunciation really does matter, but sadly it’s not that often that it is given the attention it received yesterday at the Centro Congressi Fast. It was a pleasure to be able to participate in the conference, then, and to be given the chance to speak about priorities and practice for teaching pronunciation.

It was also a pleasure to be able to listen to John Hughes as he explained the need to look to pronunciation if we want to develop learners’ listening skills. ‘Play it again, Sam’, John reminded us, simply doesn’t work if learners haven’t understood something after hearing it two or three times. Increased exposure is not a guarantee of increased understanding. Thanks for helping us, John, with this simple but fundamental truth about listening in a second language.

Thanks also to everyone in the audience for your input and energy. I promised you the presentations, and referred to different articles that I’ve published recently on pronunciation. They can all be downloaded here.

Finally, I mentioned the work of pronunciation expert Mark Hancock several times. You can find resources and articles by Mark at HancockMacDonald ELT.


2 thoughts on “IH Milan Annual Conference 2014

  1. Thank you! Thank you ! and again Thank you! no matter where is the stress on these words! the fact is that I attended an Amazing class on friday! I learnt something important and really effective for my students! be intelligible is what really matter and pronunciation is the key!!!

  2. Hi Chiara
    I’m really glad that you were able to get something out of Friday’s sessions. And yes, pronunciation IS the key. It really does matter!

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