International House Andalusia Day

In the patio of CLIC Seville

February 22nd saw me back in Sevilla thanks to the support of Oxford University Press España. International House Andalusia were celebrating an in-house training day for staff from the region. The first part of the morning given over to some very interesting peer-led sessions. I then followed up with the current evolution of my session ‘Pronunciation Matters’ in response to the request for some guidance for teachers on what to focus on in their pronunciation work in class, and how to go about this.

What started life as a session for the IATEFL Annual Conference in Brighton in 2011 has since taken on a number of guises from talk, to workshop, webinar, blog and article.

It was interesting once again to come across the sense of relief expressed by teachers with non-standard accents on having the vital difference between accent and intelligibility made clear to them.