I was all set to move on to U when I realised that my last post on tonic and tone had received quite a lot of views, and even comments, and that there were good reasons for giving the topic a second post, in the same way I did with accent, for example.

So, dilemma, dilemma, what do I do? Unfortunately, events have taken the decision out of my hands as I have to fly to the UK tomorrow on pressing family business. It’s not clear when I’ll get back, so rather than write in haste about either U or T(2), I’m going to leave what’s left of the alphabet until after Xmas. Hopefully by then I’ll be back home.

Hopefully, you can wait (said ‘tongue in cheek’, but the tone of voice and accompanying paralinguistics don’t come through in writing). However, if you’re desparate for some more of my inconsequential ramblings about teaching English pronunciation (evidently also said tongue in cheek), then you can go to https://englishglobalcom.wordpress.com/articles/

This is a real treasure trove for anyone who’s followed this blog. No prizes for guessing where my tongue is at this point, but I sincerely hope you’ll find time to join me for U, V, W, X, Y and Z in 2021.