An A–Z of pronunciation: ‘M’ is on its way (promise!)

Sitting on a flight from Osmk to Moscow back in 2008, the German–born businessman from the food industry I was next to, finally plucked up the courage to tell me that he was having real problems understanding his colleagues from Leicester.

Some Spanish native speakers on hearing my self-taught Spanish are amazed at how good it is. Others ask me how it is that I’ve been here so long and still can’t speak properly. This happens a lot.

When diving we are trained to work in pairs (buddies). In some countries, by law, the stronger diver is responsible for the weaker diver. But almost everywhere I’ve been, buddies dive to the competence level of the weaker diver.

Anyone seen my buddy?

What’s the nexus here? What draws these apparently unconnected incidents and practices together? I’d love to tell you now, but the sun came out yesterday and is going away again tomorrow.

So while it’s raining tomorrow, I’ll post for ‘M’, answer my questions, and hopefully give you others to keep you entertained during the northern summer.

See you there, I hope.

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