The globalization of English: implications for ELT

I’m coming towards the end of a series of articles on the globalization of English, and ELF (English as a lingua franca). They’re being published in Modern English Teacher, and there are five already out there, plus one more to round the series off. The five that are out there are:

  • The globalization of English: implications for the language classroom. (MET 24.2)
  • The globalization of English: teaching the pronunciation of ELF. (MET 24.4)
  • The globalization of English: vocabulary. (MET 25.3)
  • Accent, attitude and identity in ELF. (MET 26.1)
  • Accent, accommodation and intelligibility in ELF (MET 26.4)

If you or anyone you know (teacher, student or user of English) needs an introduction to what is happening to English as it spreads even further, and is used daily by an ever-increasing number of non-native speakers, these articles could be of use.

They can all be accessed and downloaded as pdfs (many thanks to Modern English Teacher for helping me), at:


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  1. Thanks Robin, looking forward to reading them. Really enjoyed your talk in Bilbao so these should be great follow up. Have a good trip and glad your wait for the train was so productive 😁


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