Yesterday we enjoyed a very productive and successful day here in Harrogate at the IATEFL PronSIG Pre-conference Event. Alan Tonkyn, Wayne Rimmer (the PronSIG coordinator), John Field, Richard Cauldwell all gave stimulating talks. I added to the day with a post-lunch session on how to deal with the diferent accents that learners/users of English will meet once they get out of the comfort zone of the ELT classroom.

The world is multi-accented and we need to prepare learners for this reality. How we might do this was the substance of my session, which looked at:

  • exploring attitudes to accents
  • improving receptive phonological accommodation skills
  • guided exposure to accents

I promised those who attended the session that I’d post the presentation somewhere for them to access. That ‘somewhere’ is HERE. Even if you couldn’t attend, you might like to take a look.