What teaching is really like

IATEFL colleague Marjorie Rosenberg pointed me in the direction of this post about what we should say when outsiders demonstrate through their insensitive, often ignorant comments that they really don’t have a clue as to what teaching is about: http://www.upworthy.com/12-things-you-should-never-ever-say-to-teachers?g=2&c=reccon1 Weber’s 12-point defense of our jobs has reminded me of an article I came across 10 […]

IH Bucharest downloads

If you were with me this last weekend in IH Bucharest you can find the presentations for the sessions we ran here: Session 1 – Goals, priorities and models Session 2 – Basic techniques Session 3 Getting an earful Session 4 – ELF & its implications for the classroom It was a great weekend for […]


Yesterday we enjoyed a very productive and successful day here in Harrogate at the IATEFL PronSIG Pre-conference Event. Alan Tonkyn, Wayne Rimmer (the PronSIG coordinator), John Field, Richard Cauldwell all gave stimulating talks. I added to the day with a post-lunch session on how to deal with the diferent accents that learners/users of English will […]