Only ‘toats’?

I came across this sign in a hotel in Spain earlier this year. I imagine it raised a smile or two among those who managed to lift their thoughts beyond their stomachs (the sign was above the toaster in the hotel restaurant), but I hope that the English teachers who were having breakfast in the […]

Internationally intelligible?

Arriving in Stantsed Airport the other day, I found myself in a long queue. I’d come off a flight from Spain and from what I could hear around me, many of the other travellers in the queue had just arrived from Italy. As we stood waiting our turn, the usual excited, anxious chatter of visitors arriving […]

New ELF pronunciation blog

Talking to Martin Dewey the other day, we both agreed that there’s a lot of research into English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), and quite a lot has been said about the implications of ELF for ELT classrooms, but, to quote Martin, ‘it’s all implications with too few applications’. I had to agree, and it […]