Welcome to EGC

Hi and Welcome!

Apart from a place where people can access my website and download articles, handouts and Powerpoints, welcome to a space where on a sporadic basis (I know myself too well to promise to blog once a week), I’ll be putting up things I come across related to what brings us all together, which is this passion we share for the teaching of English as a foriegn/second/additional language.

Needless to say, a lot of what I’ll be putting up will be about pronunciation, and equally needless to those who know me is the ‘Health Warning’ I attach to what I’ll be posting. As someone deeply interested in the role pronunciation plays in ELF contexts, I’m drawn more to how pronunciation works in these non-standard ways, than to how we can get learners closer to native-speaker accents. Intelligibility is what fascinates me. You have been warned.

As a start, I thought you might like this. I took the photo in a Seville hotel earlier this year. It ties in nicely with the point I make in my talk Pronunciation Matters about the impact of poor pronunciation on writing. Me? I like my ‘toats’ done on one side.

Only toats